The Physics Education Graduate Program, at the Professional Master's level, is part of the National Professional Master's Program in Physics Education (MNPEF) that started its activities in 2013. It is an initiative of the Brazilian Physics Society (SBF – Portuguese acronym), also responsible for its coordination.

The Program is present in 62 hubs spread across all regions of Brazil, covering both capitals and cities far from major centers. Therefore, being a master's degree in national network, UFPA, through its Institute of Exact and Natural Sciences (ICEN – Portuguese acronym), is one of the HEIs that make up the set of centers where the Program's activities are based. The course has an expected duration of 24 months and can be extended for up to 6 months.

The objective of the Program is to train Physics teachers who are already working, mainly, in Basic Education. So that they can improve their theoretical knowledge about Physics and the teaching-learning processes that involve teaching practice, contributing to the development of innovative proposals for teaching Physics in the classroom. Through the appropriation of multimedia, technological, computational resources, among others.

The MNPEF is organized into two Areas of Concentration - Physics in Basic Education, divided into two Research Lines: 1) Physics in Elementary Education; 2) Physics in High School, and the Area of Physics Teacher Training at the Master's Level, with the Research Line: Teaching and Learning Processes and Information and Communication Technologies in Physics Teaching.